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Connecting the Dots features content for Clinical Partners — connecting Clinicians and APPs with useful information.

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CME: March 1st — 3rd

The Collaborative Care Institute takes place this coming weekend at the Grand View Lodge overlooking Gull Lake. Eighteen colleagues will serve as faculty with the aim of bridging the gap between Primary Care and Mental Health.

Promotion for the March 7th CME on Faculty Development for the Med School

Fundamentals of Supervision and Assessment of Medical Students and Residents

Crafted by a team of experts at the University of Minnesota, our inaugural program will be led by M. Philip Luber, MD, a luminary in the field of faculty development programming for undergraduate medical students.

CME: March 7th @ Noon

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Next Grand Rounds: March 14th

Join your Clinical Partner colleagues in a monthly Grand Rounds discussion on TEAMS. Dr. Lucio Minces will host Mithun Suresh, MD, on March 14th.

Ethics CME Event: March 19th

Medical Futility Conflicts

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Join the St. Cloud Hospital Ethics Committee and national expert, Thaddeus Pope, JD, PhD, HEC-C, for a CME presentation and discussion on the ethical and legal concerns relating to situations where a patient or surrogates request treatment that the care team feels is non-beneficial, futile or even harmful.

Key Strategies for Responding to Patient or Surrogate Requests for Non-Beneficial and Potentially Inappropriate Treatment

In-Person at SCH Hoppe Auditorium or Available on TEAMS.
March 19, 2024 6:00-7:30PM


When you want background and context for what may be changing around you, you’ll find it here. Topics like Primary Care Transformation, our new Med School, Population Health and Value Based Care will be explored here — giving you the big picture context and how changes may impact you and the team around you. Healthcare is changing and CentraCare is strategically adapting to meet the current and future demands of our patients and our caregiving teams.

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Very little in our careers as clinicians has remained the same. The name of the game has always been Improvement. We’ll explore topics here about our quality of care, safety, patient experience, and new standards of care. We’ll unpack High Reliability Organization (HRO) principles and practices in healthcare, focusing on safety and eliminating waste (in other words, Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff or G.R.O.S.S ). And we’ll highlight how technology innovations within the Epic environment will improve our lives as clinicians and change the way we deliver care.

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Come along as the comp model is rebuilt for value based care.

The Why

A decade ago, surgeon and public health professor, Atul Gwande, MD could see how doctors were losing their core focus: actually treating people. In his TED Talk, viewed over 2,000,000 times, Dr. Gwande suggests doctors and healthcare givers take a step back and look at new ways to do medicine. He offers a thought-provoking case for why we need fewer cowboys and more pit crews. Gwande’s version of a “system” rings true.



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Recent Episodes

We all have enormous demands on our time. Yet, we need to stay informed and keep connected. This Fall, we’ll launch a short, weekly podcast for Clinical Partners called STATIM. The idea is to subscribe and find a few minutes of commute time to stay up-to-date.