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Connecting the Dots features content for Clinical Partners — connecting Clinicians and APPs with useful information.

Watch the Recording of the June Grand Rounds

WATCH the June Grand Rounds

Watch the June Grand Rounds discussion hosted by Dr. Lucio Minces that features the case brought forward by Scott Abrams, MD, and Kurt DeVine, MD. Dr. Abrams and Dr. DeVine hold special interests in Addiction Medicine. The next Grand Rounds will be presented by Zayda Ewing, PA-C, on Thursday, August 8th at 12:15PM on TEAMS.

Photo of CentraCare clinicians who co-authored an article for the Journal of Hospital Medicine

CentraCare Clinicians Co-author Peer Reviewed Article

The operational objective was to develop a roundtrip, same‐day endoscopic procedures service where patients would transfer by ambulance to St. Cloud Hospital to undergo the necessary procedures and then return to the referring hospital for further care. The result, according to Dr. Fateh Bazerbachi, perfectly encapsulates CentraCare’s core mission of bringing tertiary care closer to home.

Med School

Knowing that some preceptors have experience working with medical students while others may be new to the role, a new preceptor development series launches this month to support the onboarding of all CentraCare preceptors.

The monthly series will feature in-depth content and will be offered in a synchronous, virtual format, supplemented by subsequent asynchronous material for ongoing development needs. 

July CME announcement for the new Preceptor Development Series
Infographic on Same Day, Round trip Endoscopic Procedures


As clinicians, we have an inherent drive to make things better. An example of that drive is evident in a recent article in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. Six physicians from CentraCare co-authored a study with three University of Minnesota physicians and CentraCare’s Deanne Walz, MSN, BSN, CGRN to implement a same-day, round-trip interventional endoscopy service for rural and critical access hospital patients. The result of their work is featured in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, Innovations Corner. Read excerpts from their journal article below.

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Come along as the comp model is rebuilt for value based care.

Ethics: Medical Futility Conflicts

Key Strategies for Responding to Patient and Surrogate Requests for Non-Beneficial and Potentially Inappropriate Treatment

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Health Law Professor and Bioethicist Thaddues Pope, JD PhD

Health Law Professor and Bioethicist, Thaddeus Pope, JD, PhD, HEC-C


Watch the recording of the Ethics CME event: Medical Futility Conflicts with renowned expert, Thaddeus Pope, JD, PhD, HEC-C.



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Recent Episodes

We all have enormous demands on our time. Yet, we need to stay informed and keep connected. This Fall, we’ll launch a short, weekly podcast for Clinical Partners called STATIM. The idea is to subscribe and find a few minutes of commute time to stay up-to-date.