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A New Podcast Episode About Us

CentraCare Backroads is a new podcast about what connects us to each other, our work, and making a difference in people’s lives. 

What connects us

We’re connected in so many ways. Our new Backroads podcast is just one more way to knit us together.

In this episode, you’ll hear how tragedy and a nurse inspired Lisa Kilgard’s life purpose, and how Dr. Joshua Friese connects with nature to recharge — and give back to others. Plus your voices from The Ledge event.   

Find the good

Lisa Kilgard, RN on Med One

Our Voices

We asked employees what they did to recharge this summer and here’s what they had to say.

It Takes a Team

80,000 bees help Dr. Joshua Friese rejuvenate and recharge

Ask Me Anything

This month, Cindy Firkins Smith, MD, Senior Vice President Rural Health, responds to a question she received from Dana Woelfel, Director of Imaging Services in Willmar. 

Together Again

An evening of food, fun and music at The Ledge Amphitheater

Illustration of Tom Schrup MD

Tom’s Blog: Beyond Do No Harm

Those who serve others by providing healthcare have always been a beacon of comfort and hope. Our patients, their families, friends and society as a whole need the caring you provide – now, more than ever. 

What If They Say Yes?

Revised Suicide Protocol Gives Nurses Tools for Connection and Care