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Connecting the Dots features content for Clinical Partners — connecting Clinicians and APPs with useful information.

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Next Grand Rounds: May 9th

Join your Clinical Partner colleagues in a monthly Grand Rounds discussion on TEAMS. Dr. Lucio Minces will host Melissa Chapman, PA-C, and Claire Drom, MD, on May 9th at 12:15PM on TEAMS. Within the case they present, Melissa and Dr. Drom will likely discuss off-label for mood and anxiety.

Med School

As our medical school prepares to open its doors in August 2025, we are preparing to welcome an inaugural class of 24 students. To embark on this new initiative, we are initiating pilot clerkships involving current students from Twin Cities and Duluth. Our surgery pilot commenced in February and will be followed by pilot clerkships in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine in May. These rotations, fundamental for students, will be established in collaboration with department leads at the University of Minnesota.

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Very little in our careers as clinicians has remained the same. The name of the game has always been Improvement. We’ll explore topics here about our quality of care, safety, patient experience, and new standards of care. We’ll unpack High Reliability Organization (HRO) principles and practices in healthcare, focusing on safety and eliminating waste (in other words, Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff or G.R.O.S.S ). And we’ll highlight Primary Care Transformation as well as how technology innovations within the Epic environment will improve our lives as clinicians and change the way we deliver care.

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Come along as the comp model is rebuilt for value based care.

The Why

A decade ago, surgeon and public health professor, Atul Gwande, MD could see how doctors were losing their core focus: actually treating people. In his TED Talk, viewed over 2,000,000 times, Dr. Gwande suggests doctors and healthcare givers take a step back and look at new ways to do medicine. He offers a thought-provoking case for why we need fewer cowboys and more pit crews. Gwande’s version of a “system” rings true.



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Recent Episodes

We all have enormous demands on our time. Yet, we need to stay informed and keep connected. This Fall, we’ll launch a short, weekly podcast for Clinical Partners called STATIM. The idea is to subscribe and find a few minutes of commute time to stay up-to-date.