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A New Podcast About Us

Backroads is a new CentraCare podcast for us, about us. Each episode will reveal something that connects us all. Right now, it’s a Minnesota summer and how we’re filling ourselves up.

What connects us

We are One CentraCare. We’re connected in so many ways. Our new podcast, Backroads, is just one more way to knit us together.

In the first episode, we head to Willmar and Redwood Falls to hear how a few of us are spending our summer. It’s so important to take time to fill yourself up. Especially now. Let their stories inspire you.   

A thousand miles from the ICU

What really matters

Our Voices

We asked employees what they’re doing to take care of themselves this summer. Check out what they had to say.

Outside Every Day

Finding purpose in farming, family and faith

Illustration of Joy Plamann

Ask me anything

A culture where we can always ask questions is a big part of being safer together. Joy Plamann, President, St. Cloud Hospital, kicks off a new feature – Ask me anything – by answering questions from employees.

Music Man

From Buenos Aires to Willmar

The Together Tour

8 days. 3 cities. A chance to reconnect with coworkers and celebrate teamwork.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve proven we’re truly better together. Without each other, the last couple years would not be possible. Let’s celebrate our teams and the bonds that can’t be broken. Let’s refresh, recharge and reconnect with each other during CentraCare’s Together Tour!

We have summer events taking place in St. Cloud, Sauk Centre, Willmar and online. All employees, clinical partners and volunteers are invited – and some events are open to family. You can also attend as many gatherings as you would like – and each event is free for employees! Below are links to register for the events.

Thank you for your commitment to each other – and your commitment to our communities. Together, we can do anything.